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No Text Please, We’re Parents January 22, 2014

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Hahahhahah typical of grannies.
my parents are 69 and 75 but they both have smartphones. They both use whatsapp and BBM. ( can you beat that?). Mum told me a few days ago she would soon sign up on facebook.

A Map of California

When I visited my parents recently, I sat down with my mother to show her photos on my iPhone.  There were photos from Thanksgiving, from Hanukkah and from my father’s eightieth birthday celebration, along with pictures from back in the summer — some really good shots I took of our family Fathers’ Day brunch in Los Angeles and my nephew’s college graduation dinner.

Although my mother enjoyed the photos, the problem, she says, is that they’re not real.  You can’t touch them, put them in an album, let them gather dust in a closet until you pull them out for special occasions.

I assured her that the photos can be printed and that we would make this happen.

After we got home, I emailed the photos to my wife, who uploaded them to walmart.com.  For about three dollars, Wal-Mart printed them and mailed them out to my parents.

They called…

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For the Woman I Found Dead in the Starbucks Parking Lot January 22, 2014

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I thought you were sleeping. It seems silly now, but you must understand, when one sees a person slumped over inside a parked car, the most reasonable conclusion is rarely that the person slumped over is dead. It was the lights from the dashboard that caught my eye. If it weren’t for the lights, I would have missed you completely, and – who knows? – you may still be lying out there, unknowing of the legions of addicts drawn to the verifiable Mecca of caffeine. You’d remain oblivious to the following day’s massive local windstorm and the city’s collective anxiety, followed by elation, when our beloved Seahawks won the big game. You might still be slumped awkwardly over your console, and I suppose your car would be run dry of gas by then, but folks would not be any more observant.

I say it was the lights on your dashboard…

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How To Be a WordPress.com Detective January 22, 2014

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WordPress.com News

Last year, we looked at the art and science of getting good WordPress support.

Now, let’s jump into some of the more advanced troubleshooting techniques you can use to tackle the trickier problems you might come up against.

Have you heard the old joke:

Patient:Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor:Then don’t do that!

With advanced troubleshooting it’s exactly the opposite! You want to be able to reliably reproduce your symptoms. Knowing exactly how to recreate the problem will be a huge help in figuring out how to fix it.

Your visual editor isn’t loading! You can’t drag-and-drop widgets! Your sticky posts aren’t sticking!

Finding the cause of a WordPress.com problem is like detective work. You look for clues. You find likely suspects. You narrow down the perpetrators.

The first question to usually ask yourself is: What did I change most recently? Undoing your last action very…

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Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available August 10, 2012

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WordPress.com News

Screenshot of Version 3.1 of WordPress for iOS, showing Panels & Sidebar

Today is an exciting day! A new version of WordPress for iOS was just pushed live, and it’s been dubbed the “biggest update ever”. It features a completely re-imagined interface for both iPhone and iPad that takes mobile blogging to the next level. It’s most noticeable on the iPad: a sliding panels interface enables you to quickly get to any part of the app and rediscover your content.

New Interface

As soon as you download the app you’re greeted by a new welcome screen that guides you while adding your blog(s) to the app. Once authenticated you’re taken right to the Reader, where you can catch up on the blogs you follow, find topics you like, and now use a friend finder to discover your friends’ blogs on WordPress.com.

On the iPhone you’ll see a list icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap or swipe to…

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UK Car rental cheating practices August 10, 2012

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On the 1st of August I booked a Hyundai i800 through the Argus online site and was directed to the Green motion rentals in Manchester. The rental was for a day from the 2nd till the 3rd August 2012.
When I went to pick up the car an extra GBP300 was held as a security deposit though this was not stated during the online ordering process.
On the morning of the 3rd we got two calls from the rental company saying the car was due back at 10:00AM, even though it clearly stated on all the forms that the vehicle was signed out at 11:24AM on the 2nd of August and due back at the same time the following day . My wife informed them the second time they called that we were fifteen minutes away.
When we got there, there were three of their officials waiting outside to meet us. I came out and wanted to hand the keys over. They declined and asked me to go in to the office, which I promptly did, leaving 2 of the officials beside the vehicle.
One official, who was in the office, came out with me to inspect the car. He went straight to the wing side of the vehicle and pointed out a scratch on the body of the vehicle, stating this was new. It looked new to me as well but it was not there when I parked the car. There was clearly no way of verifying what had happened to the car between the point when I drove into the car park and went into their office, to the point when he came out to inspect.
They said they will get a quote from the workshop and send me an invoice. The repairs will be paid off from the security deposit and should more be required it will be taken out of my credit card.
Within a few hours, I got an email with an invoice of GBP 630. I was informed that I will also be billed for two extra days the vehicle will be at the workshop since it won’t be generating money while being fixed.
I found the whole charge outrageous and challenged the invoice. I requested an independent assessment/quote which was declined and also requested an inspection of the vehicle after the so called work is done. This was expectedly turned down as well.
Attached are pictures of the damage to the vehicle. I find it hard to believe that it will cost GBP 630 plus two days to fix.
There were about 7 – 10 marks on the vehicle, prior to us renting it. I can’t help but wonder how much previous customers must have paid for those ‘damages’ which were clearly never repaired. It appears the rental income is not the only sources of income for the likes of Green Motion and they are out to make a buck out of any unsuspecting customer.
In retrospect I blame myself for not reading the several bad reviews of the company, warning people to run and not walk away from the likes of Green Motion. I hope someone learns from this.

Nija and Blackberry March 5, 2011

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The blackberry device and solution by RIM (Research In Motion) has been in existence for many years. But was seen primarily as a tool for business men/women who needed to get their emails, sales reports etc while on the go.

The first and second generation devices were bulky, heavy and lacked any application whatsoever geared towards entertainment. Their target market was well defined, and I guess business men of those days wouldn’t want to be seen playing “angry birds” or “FIFA 98” while waiting in the lobby to meet with a CEO.

In recent times, RIM has upgraded their devices and operating systems in order to be competitive in the market. The devices became more pleasant to behold, they become more user friendly, they became more “trendy” and also the blackberry application world was created to provide business, entertainment, multimedia applications.

Globacom was the first Operator to introduce the blackberry service in Nigeria, but they sort of lacked fore sight and their solution was geared primarily towards the corporates. MTN then joined and they were the ones who introduced prepaid blackberry service. And that took of like a fire in the forest. And then soon after the likes of Zain and Etisalat also hopped on.

Its been a price war ever since with each provider trying to outdo each other by price reductions and other innovations that are not even yet made available outside of Nigeria. BIS service that was at a high monthly cost of N5000 has been reduced by almost 50% to N2, 800 by Glo while Airtel, MTN and Etisalat are now at N3000. They have all also introduced daily and weekly rates for blackberry services.

Looking around, you will find out that more than 70% of blackberry users are youths, students etc and no longer the business men that were the primary target. The blackberry device is no longer seen as an “email only” device but has joined the league of, funky multimedia smart-phones like the Apple I phone and Android powered devices.

In fact, recently I ran into two young ladies who both were laughing into their blackberry devices, I told them I was performing a mini random survey and wanted to know how many email accounts they had set up on their devices (10 email addresses supported). Answer……………none.

They use their blackberry mainly for Blackberry messenger, yahoo messenger, facebook and twitter.

Etisalat is the only network that has reacted to this discovery. They introduced new blackberry plans which was cheaper aimed at those who want only specific services.

Blackberry Social Plan


Blackberry Email and IM plan


To activate BB service on the various networks see table below

Network Price Plan Activation Data Allowance
MTN NA Daily Unlimited
1000 Weekly send SMS BBWEEK to 21600 Unlimited
3000 Monthly Send SMS BBMONTH to 21600 Unlimited
AIRTEL 200 Daily Send BISDAY to 440 Unlimited
1000 Weekly Send BISWEEK to 440 Unlimited
3000 Monthly Send BISMONTH to 440 Unlimited
GLOBACOM 250 Daily Send BIS DAY to 777 Unlimited
900 Weekly Send BISWEEK to 777 Unlimited
2800 Monthly Send BISMONTH to 777 Unlimited
ETISALAT 400 Daily Dial *399*5# Unlimited
1000 Weekly Dial *399*6# Unlimited
3000 Monthly Dial *399*1# Unlimited

Hello world! February 25, 2011

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!